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3 industries whose challenges drive us

Archery has chosen to position itself exclusively in 3 major industrial and service sectors: Aerospace-Defense-Security, Transportation-Logistics and Energy.
These 3 sectors have in common the same degree of complexity and many structuring factors and challenges, both at the strategic and the operational level. Archery also supports Private Equity and Infrastructure funds in their investments in these sectors.

• A wealth of lessons learnt from comparable actors facing the same issues 
• Working methods adapted to sectors with long business cycle
• An understanding of the whole value chain of the concerned industries
• Sovereignty issues to integrate (partial or total public markets, GtoG contracts, ToT ...) 
• Core / Non Core trade-offs needed to remain competitive and profitable 
• New market opportunities to develop, especially in services (MRO, B2B2C, PPP / PFI ...) 
• Investment financing issues to be secured (Risk-sharing, PPP, leasing ...)
• Long development cycles of new products and services 
• Major development and construction Programs with high risks on costs and deadlines 
• A supply chain which becomes increasingly global 
• Highly fragmented and insufficiently mature industrial sectors, facing growing strategic, technological, operational and financial constraints (critical size, digital transformation, low-cost areas, dollar zones, customer proximity, local content / offset / ToT ...)


The aerospace – defense - security sector is undergoing profound changes. The accelerated development of new technologies, the growing need for mobility, the intensification of environmental constraints, the emergence of a multipolar world, the spread of terrorism and the migrants issue are exogenous structuring factors for industrials in these sectors. Archery Strategy Consulting, a strategy consulting firm positioned on these sovereignty sectors supports the Top Managements of large groups and European mid-cap companies to help them provide solutions to the challenges posed by these transformations.


The Transportation and Logistics sectors are undergoing a major transformation, under the combined effect of multiple challenges and disruptions: environment, sharing economy, personalization, door to door, increased competition, digital revolution, autonomous vehicle, financing and economic models, deregulation, etc. Archery Strategy Consulting works on all modes (road, rail, air…) and on all components of the value chain (operators, infrastructure managers, public authorities, manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, service providers…).


The Energy sector is under the spotlight. It is at the heart of the political, social, environmental and economic debates. Besides, the players of the sector are under strong pressure to meet multiple challenges. The profound technological and industrial changes (energy transition, production and storage of electricity, smart grids, low carbon energy, fragmentation and internationalization of the value chain…) represent attractive opportunities, but at the same time threats, which force the industry players to undergo major transformations. They will have to rethink their strategic positioning, streamline their operational implementation and revise and adapt their Business Models. Those who succeed will remodel the sector to their advantage.

Private Equity

The disruption observed in the sectors in which Archery Strategy Consulting is positioned offers numerous opportunities for M & A, especially to meet the expectations of OEMs for consolidating whole sections of the value chain. Archery Strategy Consulting supports Private Equity and infrastructure funds in the construction of their investment strategies (investment thesis), target screening and Strategic Due Diligence, in its 3 sectors of expertise.